End User

Solutions for End Users

  • Are your business processes having problems in dealing with large, complex, unstructured born digital documents in PDF and Doc formats?
  • Is simplifying and democratising the access to knowledge hidden in organisational document assets a top priority for you?

Aunwesha provides your organisation with the digital platforms addressing the above challenges:

LearnITy™ Knowledge Engine (LKE) is the go to platform for unlocking the value from your variety of digital document assets utilising your own domain knowledge based on state-of-the-art AI technology.

LearnITy™ Conversation (LC) is the go to platform for making the insights obtained by analysis of these assets easily accessible to a larger audience (your customers, employees, and other stakeholders) thus increasing the utilisation of these assets.

All industries are embracing Digital Transformation the backbone of which is deep document understanding for turning unstructured data into actionable intelligence.

DU needs are organisation specific

Each organisation will have its own specific needs for understanding documents

  • Each organisation shall have its own specific types of business documents in different digital formats
  • There shall be specific sets of information to be extracted, specific type of analysis to be performed, specific validation rules for, documents, as well as specific criteria for comparing documents
  • Consumption of the results of DU may also be different in terms of the output formats required and the downstream applications that need to be integrated with

Hence, a solution is needed that permits efficiently implementing the customised DU requirements of an organisation. SaaS offerings from cloud vendors do not provide this implementation flexibility and customisation.

Platform Packaging

The platforms is made available via multiple options for ease of adoption by end user organisations:

  • Web-based application with role based GUI for deployments on customer owned infrastructure (on premise or private cloud)
  • SaaS – Subscription based software as a service offering made available on public cloud infrastructure

The 2 pillars of Digital Transformation

Digital document processes

Digital document processes for intelligent generation and ingestion of born-digital documents are key to creating intelligent digital workplaces and provide far-reaching impact for business acceleration, agility and ongoing resilience. Document analytics and insight capabilities are the key benefits of digital document processes.

Document data integration with critical business systems is becoming the key differentiator.

Accessing embedded document data has become one of the most highly sought-after technologies in sectors such as financial services, real estate, insurance, government, and healthcare. These industries all share a central challenge: how can we automate document processing to extract the fundamental structured information they contain?

Digital self service

Customers today are passionate fans of properly designed self-service that has become essential component of the customer experience.

Employees and partners of an organisation are also major beneficiaries of the self service culture: on-demand information assistance at a time and place of the employees’ choice combined with real-time feedback. This trend is transforming the workplace and being used in many functions such as staffing, recruitment, onboarding, L&D, help desk and people support, etc.

Digital self service is implemented through intelligent agents (chatbots) powered by conversational interfaces.

The main challenge in this area is the ever changing nature of the knowledge sources that virtual agents need to access for servicing the user requests.