Aunwesha delivers customised solutions for a number of sectors based on our products and services.
  • Corporates : We help corporates to quickly implement an eLearning/knowledge management program for
    their geographically dispersed employees, suppliers, and customers.

  • Government entities : We work with public sector unit to bring their plethora of training programs on-line as
    well as help them build and manage knowledge portals for internal use as well as a component of government
    -to-citizen interfaces.

  • NGOs and other nonprofit organisations: Our solution for NGOs are used to train their field workers in areas
    of health, education, poverty alleviation, etc. as well as to take their training programs to rural areas.

  • Institutions of learning(universities,institutes,colleges,schools and other educational bodies): We
    develop solutions for educational institutions to initiate on-line learning for their students complementing
    their traditional instructor-led programs as well as enable students to register from remote locations and study
    via the distance mode.

  • Learning service providers (LSPs) : We partner with LSPs and use our products to drive their educational
    portals that cater to home and individual customers.

  • Training institutes : Our solution for training providers empower them to provide their students with access
    to on-line course materials in their laboratories as well as enable them to exercise the subject matter via
    on-line self-tests.