Aunwesha offers a turnkey solution to organizations for enabling their eLearning and administration infrastructure. This turnkey solution is based on our unique eLearning platform LearnITyTM. Because of our unique understanding of each aspect of the learning process, our services include the following:
  • Consulting services: for study of the existing learning processes in an organisation and generating the road map
    eLearning/KM, development of an organisations eLearning/Knowledge Management framework, preparing a
    project plan for implementing a eLearning/KM/Portal project, ROI calculation and other activities required
    for building the business case for such projects.
  • Content re-purposing : categorising an organisations existing content and transforming into electronic assets.
  • Content development in collaboration with the client and Subject Matter expert. Aunweshas alliances with
    various content creators allow us to manage and deliver effective content.
  • Implementation :Installation of LearnITy-our comprehensive environment for enabling eLearning and
    learning management,Customization of the integrated environment to suite organizational learning needs
    (There can be no single solution to all needs), Training users to use various components of the LearnITy suite
    to allow the organisation to become an independent learning organization.
  • Systems Integration : ICT infrastructural planning related to the project, integration with the corporate
    network and applications, Providing the physical infrastructure for the project (Internet Hosting, servers,
    Application Service Provider (ASP) Model etc.) if required through suitable partner companies.
  • Support and maintenance : providing software support at various levels, maintenance and operation of
    the eLearning/KM/Portal system if outsourced