LearnITy Personal is a eLearning engine that brings the benefit of modern eLearning technology to the desktop. Without requiring expensive LMS, database servers, web servers, etc., a single PC is now capable of joining the eLearning revolution. Internet connectivity or even LAN connectivity is not required.
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  • Features
  • Platform independence - Developed using Java and hence works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.)
  • Standard compliant -The tool is compliant with IMS and SCORM 1.2 standards and can deliver content from any package that follows these standards. This opens up the entire world of standard compliant content to be utilised on the desktop.
  • Exhaustive Media Support - The engine supports the delivery and management of all types of media including HTML, Flash, Powerpoint, Audio, Video, Authorware, SVG, etc.
  • Notes Tool - The engine provides a notebook that allows learners to keep notes for each course.
  • Support for QTI compliant assessment - The Content Packages used with the engine may contain assessments that are IMS QTI standard compliant. The engine reads the XML assessments and renders HTML for interacting with the user. The results of the assessments are stored in the Student Model.
  • Support for Personal Calendars - View calendars the way you like them: Daily, weekly, or monthly. Maintain multiple personal calendars for managing different educational events.
  • Learner Model - The engine maintains an overlay model for each course registered. The model (saved in a native XML database) stores information about the learner's progress in a particular course.
  • System Requirements
  • Any Operating System with support for JDK 1.5 (Any flavour of Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.)
  • 64 MB of RAM (128 MB Recommended)
  • 25 MB Hard Disk for the tool; additional disk space requirement will depend on the amount of courseware to be stored
  • Licensing
    LearnITy Personal is sold in the form of individual licenses. Bulk licensing is also available for clients who wish to purchase multiple individual copies.