The LearnITy Knowledge Library is an innovative product that provides under a single umbrella all your electronic library requirements:
  • Digital Library (with full support for Dublin core metadata standard).
  • e-Journals.
  • e-Books.
  • Online Databases.
  • Integrated ILS for Institutional Library – The module provides a browser-based OPAC for your institutions physical libraries (for printed items). Back office support for integrated library system (acquisition, accessioning, classification, cataloguing, circulation, serial management) is also provided.
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    Standard compliant - The Knowledge Library is compliant with international standards for digital libraries and knowledge management such as Dublin Core.

    Communities and Collections - Easily define communities (with sub-communities) having there on home pages and assign collections to communities.

    Exhaustive Media Support - The product supports the management of all types of digital media assets including MS Office, CAD files, PDF, Postscript, HTML, Flash, Audio, Video, Authorware, SVG, etc.

    Full Text Search - The collections support searching on full text of items of various file formats, viz., PDF, MS Word, HTML, Text.

    Comprehensive Meta Data Support -The product permits entry of Dublin Core compliant metadata and saving of the metadata in a native XML database.

    Provide access to e-Journals, Online Databases and e-Books - Patron may access various electronic assets such as e-Journals, e-Books and Online Databases. These services may be subscribed to by the institution or their publishers may provide them free. The product comes with built-in list of various free resources on the internet.

    Integrated ILS for Institutional Library - The product provides a browser-based OPAC for your institutions physical libraries (for printed items). Back office support for the integrated library system (acquisition, accessioning, classification, cataloguing, circulation, serial mgmt.) is also provided.

    Virtual Assets - Supports WWW-based virtual assets by accepting URLs as "content" associated with catalogue entries.

    Easy Repository Management - The product supports rich management functions of the library content repository using simple and intuitive navigation interfaces. Support for selective remote backup and restore of digital content, user records, or any other data maintained by the system is provided.

    Highly Scalable and Fault Tolerant - The product is developed using Java Servlets and its architecture is based on the J2EE standard. As a result of these development and deployment choices, LearnITy knowledge Library is well equipped to address issues of scalability and availability. Clustering techniques may be employed for supporting load balancing, multilayer switches, and SANs.

    Integrate Content Delivery with Collaboration - The Knowledge Library may be integrated with various collaboration tools of the LearnITy suite, viz. Online Notice Board, Chat Rooms, Threaded Discussion Groups, Shared Calendars, etc.

    Support Multiple Administrator roles - Any number of 'Admin' accounts may be created with fine control over the authority given to each account.

    Easy User Management - Quickly create user (patron) accounts, groups of users, register individual users or groups of users to the available catalogues.

    Provide User support - Users get to see recent additions to the digital library under various collections, they are provided detailed help for using the various features of the software, and thy are kept aware of what is happening via news and announcement.

    Customised Look and Feel - The look and feel of the product is completely cusomisable by the institution adopting it. This is made possible because the product is developed using advanced CSS technology.

    System Requirements
  • Any Operating System with support for JDK 1.5 (Any flavour of Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.)
  • Any Servlet API 2.3 compliant servlet engine.
  • Any SQL compliant RDBMS with JDBC 1.4.0 support
  • 512 MB of RAM (based on number of concurrent users additional memory may be required)
  • 50 MB Hard Disk for the Knowledge Library itself; additional disk space requirement will depend on the amount of digital assets stored in the library.
  • Licensing
    The LearnITyTM Knowledge Library is sold as a standalone application or as a component of the LearnITy suite that comes in various packages (Lite, Workgroup, Enterprise, etc.)