The LearnITy Assessor is standard compliant Online Assessment system supporting different requirements of online testing and certification.
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  • Exhaustive Question Type Support - The application supports a wide variety of question types including Multiple Choice (Single and Multiple Response), Fill in the blanks, Essay, Hotspot, Sliders, Drag, etc.
  • Purely web-based -The engine is built from scratch to be purely web-based and generates pure HTML 4 plus JavaScript. No special plug-ins are required for using the engine itself (note that course contents may require special plug-ins).
  • SCORM Interoperable - The application has been designed to communicate with a Learner Management System (LMS) that supports SCORM APIs and Data Model. This provides facility for student tracking and score reporting as well as allowing the Assessor to retrieve a students status and progress in subsequent sessions. If no LMS is present then the Assessor may be run as an independent application.
  • Rich Feedback and Remediation - Provides feedback to a learner based on their responses. Feedback can be given for responses to individual questions or items, as well as summative feedback for whole or partial assessment.
  • Results Processing - The application records every minute detail of the results of the assessment taken and makes it available in the form of XML records. These records may be stored by a LMS for further .
  • Question banks- Assessor empowers educational administrators and institutions in creating and managing large question banks containing various types of assessment items as well as detailed meta-data describing the items.
  • Drag and Drop Assessment Authoring - Assessor comes with an extensible, cross platform development environment, enabling users to quickly create QTI compliant assessments and question banks.
  • System Requirements
  • Any Operating System with support for JDK 1.5 (Any flavour of Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.)
  • Any Servlet API 2.3 compliant servlet engine
  • Any SQL compliant RDBMS with JDBC 1.4.0 support
  • Any XML:DB compliant native XML database
  • 512 MB of RAM (based on number of concurrent users additional memory may be required)
  • 50 MB Hard Disk for the Assessor itself; additional disk space requirement will depend on the amount of courseware and the no. of users to be managed
  • Licensing
    The LearnITy Assessor is sold as a component of the LearnITy suite that comes in various packages (Workgroup, Enterprise, etc.)